There’s a world of mistakes out there. Misspellings, poor grammar, broken links, websites that lack contact information, abandoned Twitter feeds, boring Instagram photos. Nobody knows which “there” to use. There are words being added to the dictionary that are simply the result of misused words (“firstable” is what “first of all” used to be). 

So many companies have let their standards slip. Even the biggest brands and news sources write “your” when they mean “you’re” or “medal” when they mean “metal.” (It was an enormous hunk of metal that fell from that building, not a giant medal, although that would be newsworthy as well.)

Personally, I ditch a company when I see this kind of mistake. Language, grammar, punctuation…these things are important to your audience. Proper writing is the thing that conveys your message; without it, you cannot communicate with your customers. 

When you pay so little attention to the message you’re putting out there, you say, “You’re not important to me. You’re not smart enough to catch that typo. We don’t care about our value, we just want your money.”

Talk to your customers in a way that’ll make them listen. Earn their respect and keep their business. Stop telling your audience they don’t matter. At Poison Apple, Ink., we believe in working with professionals who aim high and catering to consumers who recognize and appreciate quality.


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