Welcome (Back) to the Poison Apple, Ink. Blog

Marketing tips blog for professionals.

Does anyone else have the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song in their head? No? You’re all too young? Hey, I’m only 32, stop judging me!


Once upon a time (like, yesterday), Poison Apple, Ink. lived a beautiful life on Weebly. The drag-and-drop editor is great if you need tons of control, but for this blog, I need to get posts up and/or scheduled quickly & constantly. For that, WordPress is king.

Also, I’ve decided to do less services selling and more marketing informing this time around. Trust me, I’m a better writer than the previous sentence displays. I just have a bit of a headache (and there’s a movie on in the background), so I’m a bit distracted.

I say “bit” a lot, FYI. It’s like I’m British, except I’m from New York.

Return here over and over to find information about digital marketing, freelancing, succeeding in business, failing in business, succeeding in business after failing, failing in business after succeeding, and everything else that the crazy, confusing, heartbreaking and wonderful world of self-employment has to offer.

I’ll help you make sense of social media, Google ads, SEO, iPhone apps, online tools, newsletters, and pretty much whatever I come across during my days, so long as it relates to my professional life. In truth, everything relates to my professional life because I don’t have time for anything else. I know you can relate.

I look forward to having conversations about the good, the bad and the really, really bad of entrepreneurship.

– Lindsay


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